Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tame feeding frustration

Does your toddler have a hard time getting everything into the spoon? Do more peas end up on the floor than in his mouth? Does he get frustrated that he can't do it himself?
I've just found a great solution...My Plate-Mate. It is an attachment that you can add to any 8"-9.5" inch plates (the size of most kid dishes) and provides an extra lip to help them scoop up their yummies. What a great idea, right? Makes life easier for you with less mess and easier for him with more success. They are washable and so simple to pop on and off. My Plate-Mate comes in blue, pink, and white (as pictured) and run for $7.95. Check them out at http://www.littlepinkpansy.com/childrenother.htm.

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