Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Featured Product: Coveralls

Are your kids messy eaters, painters, etc.?
My daughter is the queen of un-clean.
Spaghetti is spread all over the face, hands, shirt, shorts, and anywhere else it can go. That's why I started using these fantastic coveralls. They snap on easily over clothes and can be fastened to wear either with individual legs or as a smock. She wears it every time she eats something messy. But we also use it for arts and crafts. This was a god-send when we were dyeing Easter eggs and when we painted mugs for the grandmas for Mother's Day. If only the floor in my house had fared as well as her clothes... They are also easy to clean - just wipe with a wet cloth for a small mess - toss it in the washing machine for a big mess. I honestly cannot say enough great things about this and my daughter loves it too! To see all styles and colors, click here.

Friday, May 23, 2008

I've been featured as a Swanky Mom

Check out the full article here.
Congratulations to Lindsey (that's me!), founder of little pink pansy, for being featured as a Swanky Mom. I may not look as hip and swanky as this little icon, but I sure do work hard to bring you the best products from women-run businesses. I am always looking for new products and ways to support other "mompreneurs". If you have something you'd like to see featured here or on our shopping site, please email me. We will soon be adding spa products, among other things. Thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Featured Product: Pet Treat Boxes

Do you just adore your dog or cat? Are they as much a member of the family as anyone else?
Our new and growing pet boutique will help you pamper your pet in style! We have finicky feline and captivating canine treat boxes and bowls. These treat boxes are great and not as easy for a sneaky kitty or puppy to get into. The bowls are made of melamine and are sturdy. All items featured hand-created designs that will leave you and your pet craving more. With cute sayings and even cuter drawings, you will be the envy of the pet neighborhood. Click here to learn more and be sure to check back soon as we're in the process of adding more items to the pet boutique.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Have you checked out our sale page? We currently have a few items on sale, including two fantastic diaper bags that are sturdy, have great pockets, and also come with a changing pad. The two remaining styles we have are a beautiful pink dragonfly and a scarlet palm tree. They can also be used as regular bags or purses and they are so pretty! They have been marked down 35% so now is the time to take advantage!! Check back often as sale items will change!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Every little bit helps

Advertising is expensive. As a small business, it can sometimes be tough to make a huge splash on a small budget. That's why we rely on lots of smaller venues to get the word out about our company. Every time we are mentioned in a feature or on a blog or online or in a newsletter or wherever, it helps boost awareness of our company and our mission. While we may never have huge banners at Yankee Stadium, we are happy to be mentioned by everyday people doing everyday things. Word of mouth is one of the greatest tools in advertising. So if you like this blog and/or you like the little pink pansy store, do us a favor and tell a friend. We do the same - we are happy to share with our friends the things we love. And if you don't know, our mission is to help women-run businesses succeed by providing a place for them to sell their products and help in their business planning and implementation. As always, if you are a business-owner who thinks your products would be a good fit for our store, please contact us. We love hearing from you!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Want to host a home show?

Little Pink Pansy does home shows!

If you want an excuse to get together with your friends, shop for great items, support a wonderful network of women, and even earn rewards, a Little Pink Pansy home show is for you! You provide the location, the guest list, and maybe a snack or two, and we'll take care of the rest. We bring everything to you! Hostesses receive a discount on purchases. Please contact us if you would like to host a show in your home.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Featured Product: Keychains

Ever misplace your keys?

Not anymore! These cute little keychains wrap around your wrist so you never have to wonder what happened to them! They also make it easy to distinguish your keys from someone else's and add a little bit of fun to your life. Best part is...they are only $6. Check out all the styles and colors here.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the great moms out there!

As you know, all of our vendors are women-run businesses, most of them are mom-run, and here's an extra salute to you, who juggle so many things and try to keep it all together.

Hope all you moms have a great day and don't forget to call your moms!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Baby & Kids Expo reminder

Don't forget to come out to the Baby & Kids Expo tomorrow in York, PA. Come rain or shine - it is INDOORS! This is a very well-run event and so much fun for the whole family. If you have a crawling kid, enter him/her in the diaper derby or stop by to watch the other munchkins crawl to the finish line. Be sure to also check out items at our booth from Kadoodlez and My Ribbon Fix (who will also be at the event). For more information, click here. If you can't come, shop from the comfort of your home by clicking here.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Featured Product: Summer Hats

I have a new product that is selling like wildfire! From the makers of the cute fleece winter ribbon hats comes a new summer hat.

These super cute bucket hats are simple yet sophisticated with a single jacquard ribbon. There are styles for both boys and girls with everything ranging from pirates, whales, lobsters, gators, palm trees, crabs, bees, milkshakes, flip flops, tennis racquets, and more! They come in 3 sizes: 0-9 months (which includes an elastic chin strap), 9-18 months, and 2-5 years. Err on the side of larger if you're not sure, maybe they'll get more than one year of use.

My daughter will not wear any of her other summer hats but she never leaves the house without this one. You will love it! And don't worry, the hats can be washed (after all, they were created by a mom). Click here to see all styles.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Baby & Kids Expo This Saturday

If you are in or around the York, PA area, please come visit us at the Baby & Kids Expo at the York Expo Center (Memorial Hall East). This event (sponsored by Memorial Hospital) is fantastic and features a petting zoo, performers, crafts, a reading corner, a diaper derby, and tons of vendors. There are also door prizes, including a great one from Little Pink Pansy. I went last year and had so much fun! There is something for everyone here - it is geared towards families with babies and children but truly you could find something fun no matter who you are! The event is being held this Saturday, May 10th from 9am - 4pm and admission is FREE. Be sure to stop by and say hi! We will be having all sorts of specials as well as a raffle giveaway. Click here to find out more.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Featured Women: Founders of My Plate-Mate

The founders of My Plate-Mate (recently featured here on this blog) were also just featured in a Business Wire press release. Michele Wong and Paige Akabane are entrepreneurial moms who wanted a product that could help teach children independence, reduce lengthy mealtimes, minimize mess, and promote healthier eating (to eat foods other than just finger foods). These great products are small, portable, made in the USA, DISHWASHER-SAFE, and not made with any of the junk in other plastic products. They attach in seconds to any standard 8"-9.5" plate and come in blue, pink, or white. My Plate-Mate costs $7.95 - a great value - and trust me, you will use it over and over and over again.
To order My Plate-Mate, click here.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Celebrate Mama! event again

I've been really busy getting ready for this event tomorrow and I'm quite excited - I've got lots of new stuff in and so much to share! Please stop by our table tomorrow at the Celebrate Mama! event in Bethesda, MD from 11am-4pm. I am working on getting the website updated with new stuff too, but in the meantime, hope to see you tomorrow! The weather should be perfect.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Featured Product: Burp Pads

If you're like me, you quickly became fed up with those flimsy, thin, gross burp pads that you got by the armload as shower gifts. Some of them might have even been cute, but really not all that practical. So I had someone design some great burp pads made from cloth diapers (meaning they are super absorbent) and added some pretty fabrics and ribbons, and voila! - a burp pad that is both useful and reflects your personal sense of style. These are not your traditional light pink and blue burp pads - these are bright, colorful, fun, and also sweet. AND they are a bargain!! Only $8.00 each. To view the full selection, click here.