Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Featured Product: Personalized Bags

Tired of the same old styles and colors? Do you feel like everyone's bag looks just the same these days?
These adorable bags are personalized to be unique to you. They come in various sizes, from a small bag (8.5 x 6.5) to a large tote (15 x 18). You can have them made with your monogram, initial, name, or it can be left blank. Also, if you don't see a style you're looking for, we can custom design one for you. Bags include interior pockets and a magnetic closure (except for the small size). These also make a fantastic gift! Find more styles at

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Celebrate Mama!

Celebrate Mama! is an event founded by a mama in Silver Spring, MD that "celebrates mamas of all ages and stages". This has become a national event with several locations. Many of the celebrations are held this Saturday, May 3rd. Others are being held throughout the summer and fall (check the website for an event near you).

Events are being held in the following locations this weekend:

Bethesda, MD
Vienna, VA
Monterey, CA
Huntsville, AL
Valley Forge, PA
Powell, OH (Sat., May 10th)

I will be at the Bethesda, MD event where there will be over 100 vendors, prizes, arts and crafts, face paintings, giveaways, Mother's Day goodies, and entertainment (Rocknocerous and Miss Belle - children's entertainers). There will also be goodie bags given to the first 300 people (stuffed with 30 items). It is from 11:00-4:00 this Saturday at Bethesda Row (Woodmont Ave., between Elm and Bethesda). Rocknocerous starts at 11. Hope you can make it out to support this great effort. If you do come, please stop by and say hello to me!!

For more information on this event, visit What a great way to celebrate being a mama and also get a jump start on your Mother's Day shopping!

Monday, April 28, 2008

And the winner is...

Thanks to my trusty business partner (seen here) who helped draw a winner for our giveaway. The name she drew is WhirledPeas - congrats!! Hope you enjoy your free CardStix.

If you didn't win, you can still buy CardStix by visiting Thanks for entering!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

CardStix creators featured in Washington Post Magazine

The creators of CardStix (our current giveaway) were written up in today's Washington Post Magazine in the section called, "Making It". It describes how these two entrepreneurial mamas teamed up utilizing their strengths to create a great new product. Former college roommates, Erica Peale and Meredith Kole (L-R) saw the potential for something that was missing in the market and here they found their niche. I am proud to carry their products and pleased to see them featured in such a great publication. Congrats Erica and Meredith! Keep up the good work!
To read the full article, visit

To purchase CardStix online, visit

Friday, April 25, 2008

Introducing my new blog

Ok, I'm hooked...once I started this whole blogging thing, I can't get enough! So I've started my own blog now for personal chatter. It's called "the little things" and it's about enjoying the little things in life and not getting bogged down in the details. It's about balancing work, home, kids, and life and trying to do it with a smile and a laugh. Check it out when you have a minute.... and be sure to post some comments (and post them here on this site too - my readers are quiet observers - feel free to participate!!)

Nobody wants free stuff??

I posted yesterday about a giveaway I'm doing and have had no takers yet... nobody wants free stuff?? You have a few more days to enter.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


This is your lucky day - I am doing a giveaway!!
I am giving away one set of CardStix - cards that stick. They are greeting card stickers. They're really great because they come in assorted styles in each package and avoid trips to the store to buy cards for every occasion. They are also inexpensive - designed to cost about 1/3 of a regular card. They were designed by two busy moms who were attending so many children's birthday parties and didn't like shelling out the $3 for a card that was just going to be thrown away. Hence, CardStix was born. They have now expanded and have several children's birthday collections, a Tween collection, a Baby Stix collection (for baby gifts), Wine Stix, Hostess Stix, Bar/Bat Mitzvah Stix, Wedding Stix (for wedding favors), Grown Up Stix (for every occasion), and lots of different Holiday Stix (Hannukah, Christmas, etc.)
To enter to win some Stix, post a comment here. I will enter these names into a drawing and will decide on Monday who is the lucky winner. I will then contact you for shipping details and to determine your choice of Stix.

If you're not the lucky winner, not to worry...CardStix can be purchased at

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Martini Mom - a great blog

My dear friend Sharon has a really witty blog. She features yummy recipes (including some great martinis!), tips for saving money, chats about parenting and life, book recommendations, and even gives us a glimpse into the book she is writing, called "Girl Out of Water" (I am totally hooked and wish she could write as fast as I can read!) Check it out and be sure to subscribe to the site too! Let me know what you think... you won't be disappointed.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!
Today, April 22nd, is Earth Day, a holiday that has become increasingly bigger each year as people become more aware of how our actions impact the world. To celebrate the Earth, you could try a few simple things to make it a better place, such as switching out at least one lightbulb in your house to be energy efficient, plant a tree, make an effort to use less lights and energy, and get outside and play in the dirt!
For some tips of activities to do with kids, visit

Tame feeding frustration

Does your toddler have a hard time getting everything into the spoon? Do more peas end up on the floor than in his mouth? Does he get frustrated that he can't do it himself?
I've just found a great solution...My Plate-Mate. It is an attachment that you can add to any 8"-9.5" inch plates (the size of most kid dishes) and provides an extra lip to help them scoop up their yummies. What a great idea, right? Makes life easier for you with less mess and easier for him with more success. They are washable and so simple to pop on and off. My Plate-Mate comes in blue, pink, and white (as pictured) and run for $7.95. Check them out at

Monday, April 21, 2008

No patience for unreliable business

I really have no patience and tolerance for unreliable business. If you say you're going to do something, do it. If you say you're going to be somewhere, be there. If you say something will start at 9:00, it should start at 9:00. I don't really think that's too much to ask, is it?

With me, what you see is what you get. I will do what I tell you I'm going to do. I will honor any promises I have made and see things through to the end. I honestly don't know how any businesses survive without these principles.

(Ok, can you tell that I'm peeved at a company today for their total unreliability????) Guess I should get over it but it feels good to get it out. ;) Who has annoyed you lately?

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Money-saving tip

With the economy in the current state of uncertainty, I think most people are trying to watch their spending and looking for ways to save a few bucks here and there. If you haven't thought of it before (or just never knew much about it), I would recommend looking into a warehouse membership. These places usually have some great savings on items that you buy frequently anyways. May not be the place for you if you're single and don't have a lot of room but for a couple or a family, it's a really great investment. Most memberships run about $40-$50/year (may depend on location) but give you access to mega savings. You can buy everything from toothpaste to diapers to fresh fruit to books to furniture to big screen TVs to clothes to tires etc. etc. Many of them also offer gas stations - a major bonus these days as the cost of gas keeps rising. This list is not exhaustive but here are some of the big ones that I'm familiar with - check them out to see what's in your area (and if you have any others to list, please comment on this post).

---BJ's Wholesale Club -

---Sam's Club -

---Costco -

Happy Savings!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Yummy Scented Candles

One of my keenest senses is my sense of smell. I smell everything and I like these smells to be pleasing, especially within my house. That's how I stumbled across these candles by Shenandoah Sunshine Candles, made with pride in Pennsylvania. They smell so great and have a burn time of approximately 40-45 hours (pretty amazing for such a cute little jar). And not only do they smell fantastic, but they're CHEAP! They cost only $7.00 each. Do the math - $7.00 for 45 hours - well worth the money. They come in lots of different scents so whether you prefer fruity, floral, clean, or seasonal, you will find what you're looking for here. Currently available are: odor eliminator, cookie dough (you might just need a cookie to go with it!), blueberry muffin, lemongrass, fresh linen, fresh cotton, french vanilla, english lavender, gardenia, southern magnolia, tropical breeze, spiced pear, pumpkin pie, gingerbread, candy cane, and Christmas memories. Buy yours today at .

Friday, April 18, 2008

Little Pink Pansy featured on My Ribbon Fix Blog

We are delighted to be featured on the blog of one of our vendors, My Ribbon Fix. They make lots of our cute items, including the recently featured shoe bows, several of the hair accessories such as the princesses, bugs, and clippies, and other fun goodies like the keychains and the ribbon wand pretend play items. I will do a much more in-depth write-up on the owner of this business later but just wanted to put in a plug for her blog too. Check it out -

All of her items can also be purchased directly through If you see something on her site that we don't have listed, just ask - we can get it!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Decorate your summer shoes

I have just been introduced to these cute, cute bows for your summer shoes. What better way to add a little personality to everyone's summer staple? They come in several different styles and snap through the holes to stay secure. They are also washable and fit on both adult and children sized shoes. Better yet - they cost only $10 per pair!! Check out more pictures at

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Body of a Mother

Since becoming a parent, my body has changed in so many ways. I'm not just talking about the little extra pooch that I can't seem to get rid of - I'm talking about many other things that I think all mothers experience in some way or another, regardless of how you "became" a parent. I wonder if these are familiar to you...

Mind - always racing, always planning ahead and triple checking to make sure I packed enough diapers, snacks, toys, etc. and where is the nearest bathroom, the quickest escape route in case of baby or toddler meltdown

Hair - a little overgrown with un-dyed roots because scheduling a hair appointment requires arranging for childcare

Eyes - droopy and exhausted from the lack of sleep and mid-night awakenings and very early mornings

Ears - going a little deaf from all the screams

Mouth - a little puffy from all the baby kisses

Arms - getting surprisingly buff from carrying kids around all the time

Back - a little achy from carrying kids around all the time

Stomach - alternately very empty (from not having time to eat)v to very full (from eating all the kids' leftovers)

Legs - also getting a little more toned from all the climbing up and down two flights of stairs with kids in your arms

And not to forget the most important one:

Heart - more full of love and happiness than you can ever imagine

Sound familiar??

Trivia Tidbit

I was eating some oatmeal the other day with the following trivia question on it. I love trivia tidbits and thought I'd like to share this one....

Toothbrushes, before the late 1930's, were made out of what type of hair?

The answer may surprise you (as it did me).
Believe it or not, they were made from beavers and horses. EWWWWW.
So now when your kids complain about brushing their teeth, tell them that it could be worse, they could be putting beaver hair in their mouths!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Strides for Success - We did it!

We did it! We ran the 1K race this morning. I've gotta say though, it really was pathetically short. I had no idea it was quite so quick! It's actually good it wasn't much longer because it was pretty chilly and let's be honest here - I'm a fair-weather runner. Most of the people were kids running or families walking, but it was fun and we had a good time and supported a great cause. Always makes you feel good to do something for someone else...we should all do it more often.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Strides for Success

Tomorrow I am running in the Junior League of Northern Virginia's Strides for Success race. I will be doing the 1K because hubby is out of town and the 5K doesn't allow strollers (what a great excuse to do the easy one!) I am excited to participate in this event. I am a member of the Junior League and very proud of the mission. If you don't know, the Junior League is an organization of trained women volunteers who work in their local communities to make them better places. The focus of this chapter is women and children and projects that support them. I encourage you to find out more about the Junior League in your area and how you can help by joining or making a donation. To learn more, visit

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Featured Product - Lollipop Jeans

Spring is (finally) here!! What better way to boost your spring spirits than some fun new jeans for the little princess in your life? These jeans are so stylish and cute with the most adorable ribbon adornments. You will not be able to leave the house without a couple of compliments from strangers and friends. Pair this with a cute spring tee and one of our classic hairbows, and your little princess will be the talk of the town! They are available for girls in sizes 12 months - 5T.

Available at

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hybrid Mom Magazine

Hybrid Mom magazine has become a staple in my house. I pick up free copies at our local Gymboree play and music center and it has such great articles about motherhood, working, and lifestyle. I believe it was created to address working moms but it really is a great and inspirational magazine for every mom. The articles are fun, light-hearted, and non-judgmental. It doesn't make you feel inadequate, like you're not doing everything "by the book" (like some other parenting mags do). They now also have a website, with lots of great info. There you can also subscribe to the mag for a nominal fee (think it's like $9.95/yr). Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Happy Reading!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Featured Product - Recipe Boxes

Like many people, I have slews and slews of recipes stuffed in pockets of folders or tucked inside cookbooks that are just begging to be tried. Admittedly, I don't experiment with new recipes as often as I'd like. (let's face it, trying to organize and prepare a new meal with a toddler getting into everything isn't exactly easy). I've come across these adorable little recipe boxes that help to keep all those stray scribbles organized. These painted boxes are so cute and fun and hold 4x6 cards (or the random scrap of paper where you jotted down a neat idea you saw on the Food Network). They come with 6 very funny category dividers and make the whole notion of cooking a bit more fun and interesting. They come in several different styles and patterns and can be purchased at

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Welcome to little pink pansy!

Welcome to little pink pansy, a place to find information about everything of interest to women. Here I will have product reviews, sponsored women and businesses, and tidbits on just about everything. I also invite you to check out my other site - - a boutique that features products from women-run businesses. There you can find unique gifts for everyone on your list. Hope you keep coming back!