Monday, April 7, 2008

Featured Product - Recipe Boxes

Like many people, I have slews and slews of recipes stuffed in pockets of folders or tucked inside cookbooks that are just begging to be tried. Admittedly, I don't experiment with new recipes as often as I'd like. (let's face it, trying to organize and prepare a new meal with a toddler getting into everything isn't exactly easy). I've come across these adorable little recipe boxes that help to keep all those stray scribbles organized. These painted boxes are so cute and fun and hold 4x6 cards (or the random scrap of paper where you jotted down a neat idea you saw on the Food Network). They come with 6 very funny category dividers and make the whole notion of cooking a bit more fun and interesting. They come in several different styles and patterns and can be purchased at

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