Sunday, May 4, 2008

Featured Women: Founders of My Plate-Mate

The founders of My Plate-Mate (recently featured here on this blog) were also just featured in a Business Wire press release. Michele Wong and Paige Akabane are entrepreneurial moms who wanted a product that could help teach children independence, reduce lengthy mealtimes, minimize mess, and promote healthier eating (to eat foods other than just finger foods). These great products are small, portable, made in the USA, DISHWASHER-SAFE, and not made with any of the junk in other plastic products. They attach in seconds to any standard 8"-9.5" plate and come in blue, pink, or white. My Plate-Mate costs $7.95 - a great value - and trust me, you will use it over and over and over again.
To order My Plate-Mate, click here.

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